Negative comments Parents Problem Cause Weight Gain

Negative comments Parents Problem Cause Weight Gain
A new study led by Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, found that girls with parents who comment on their weight, tend to be dissatisfied with their bodies as adults.
The study looked at 501 women aged between 20 and 35 years were asked about satisfaction weight, eating habits, and BMI, as well as the memories of the comments related to weight parents when they were little.
Women with a healthy BMI, 27 percent do not remember that their parents never talk about weight and 28 percent also did not find their parents say "do not eat too much".
Conversely, women with parents commenting on weight tend to have higher BMI and risk of obesity.
The study also found that women who have memories of the comments of parents related to weight, end up being less satisfied with "the number of scales" as an adult, even though their weight is very ideal even thinner.
The researchers note, this indicates that the negative statements of the parent, affect the respondents thought about a healthy weight or not. However, the same effect does not apply when parents talk about the choice of healthy eating habits.
"" Heavy Commenting daughter is not a good idea, even when they're young, ' "Wansink said ScienceDaily.
"" If you are worried about your child's weight, avoid criticizing them or restricting food. Instead, help them to make healthy foods more attractive and comfortable. ""
Wansink advises parents to provide fruit slices as a snack children, so children get used to, as well as offering a variety of vegetables with cheese topping, rather than forbid children to snack. It also helps children to focus on healthy eating, rather than fretting on their weight.
Other harmful effects are, teenagers with parents who often commented on weight are more likely to diet and engage in behavioral weight control unhealthy, such as using laxatives do not even want to eat.
Being a role model healthy helps, too. "" The most important thing is to be a model, '' said Russell Marx, chief scientist of the National Eating Disorders Association.
"" The children will follow what their parents do, not what they say. ""
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